Tom Cat floor sweepers

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  • VR Floor Sweeper

    The Tomcat model VR's design was built from the success of our retired Model 34 (now replaced by the GT Sweeper) Walk Behind Sweeper. The VR's side brooms sweep up dirt in the corners while a huge tubular sweeping broom under the machine sweeps up the dirt and debris from the floor and packs it into the steel hopper. Meanwhile, the second stage vacuums up the dust and traps it in a polypropylene felt "baghouse" filter.

  • GT Walk-Behind Sweeper

    The Tomcat model GT Walk Behind Sweeper is the machine that built our company. A Commercial Sweeper famous for its ability to survive decades in the harshest applications: including mines, brick manufacturing and rugged steel mills.

    Designed almost 25 years ago, this floor sweeper can sweep through thick saw dust found in furniture manufacturing plants and the dust in paper mills. Bulk powder packaging clients with concrete powder or copier toner like its sweeping power without it blowing dust everywhere. The battery powers the sweeper for over 4 hours on a single charge and the sweeping broom is self adjusting for wear.

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