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Proudly Servicing All Types of Material Handling and Floor Cleaning Equipment

Getting the right warehouse equipment is essential to proper inventory management to streamline operations and save costs. Major equipment like forklifts, side loaders, elevated platforms and floor scrubbers need the right service to keep them in top operating condition, just like any other kind of equipment.

All-Lift Ltd. offers the expert maintenance and service that businesses need to keep their warehouse equipment in top shape. Our trained and experienced technicians can repair and maintain all types of forklifts, warehouse trucks, side loaders, elevated platforms and floor scrubbers. We also carry side loader parts, warehouse forklift parts, warehouse truck parts, and floor scrubber parts.

Working on unicarriers

Our Services Include:

  • Same day service
  • Technicians DO NOT get paid by the hours they bill or the parts they sell
  • Factory trained and Ministry certified
  • Full Liability Insurance (5 Million)
  • Customer follow ups
  • No voice mail
  • 407 transponders and cellular communications
  • Servicing electric, propane, diesel, and natural gas forklifts
  • 4 locations in the province, our G.T.A. main branch, plus locations in Woodstock, Barrie (Utopia), and Ottawa (Arnprior)
  • Full-size service vans heavily stocked with parts and compressor
  • Four service managers with over 90 years of combined service
  • Shop manager (John Courts) with over 20 years of service at All-Lift


5 Full Time Parts Employees
Parts for All Makes and Models
Factory Trained and Knowledgeable

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We Are Proud of Our Reputation and Service

Certified Safety Training badge
MHEDA logo
CFIB logo
Unicarriers Forklift AEP Gold Badge 2019