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Checklist For Buying The Right Forklift

When purchasing a new forklift for your business there are a few key questions to answer to make sure your equipment functions properly in your space and saves your team time & money by operating efficiently. Since 1976 All-Lift has been helping Ontario businesses choose the right equipment for the job. Check out our guide below or call one of our material handling experts for a free analysis to determine the best equipment & fuel solution today!

Buying Guide for Forklift

  • Lift Height
    How high do you need to lift your loads? If you need to load/unload from trailers, pay attention to the lowered mast height of the forklift.
  • Capacity
    What is the maximum weight you need to lift? It’s important to buy a forklift that can handle your heaviest load and then some! Don’t forget attachments will reduce your forklift’s capacity. The most common forklift capacities are:

    • 3,000 lbs or less
    • 3,000 – 6,500 lbs
    • 6,500 – 8,000 lbs
    • 8,000 – 12,000 lbs
    • 12,000 – 17,500 lbs
    • 17,500 +lbs
  • Load Type
    Forklift capacities are based on a standard pallet size with a 24″ load center. If you don’t use pallets, or if the load is long, wide, or oblong (such as pipe, trusses, etc.) that affects capacity. You may want to look at 4 Directional forklift. Working with a material handling expert can help you identify what capacity works best for your operation.
  • How wide are your aisles and doorways?
    Three-wheel and stand-up rider forklifts are designed to work in narrow aisles (less than 10 ft, or 10-12 feet). In some cases, a narrow aisle order picker, reach truck or Aisle Master may also be your best solution. Before buying a lift truck, measure the narrowest space where your equipment will traverse. Standard forklifts are designed to work in areas 12 feet or wider. Reach trucks will work in a 9’ aisle, Aisle Masters can work in a 7’ or less aisle.
  • Indoor? Outdoor? Both?
    The environment where your forklift will operate helps determine the type of fuel you choose and the type of tire that will work best in your application.
  • Concrete or Rough Terrain?
    Your forklift will use either cushion or pneumatic tires or a combination of both called the Nomad. Cushion tires are designed for concrete areas (indoor warehouses and loading docks). Pneumatic tires are best for outdoor use including asphalt, dirt or gravel.
  • Fuel – Electric or Internal Combustion (IC)?
    IC forklifts use traditional engines that run on different types of fuel (CNG, diesel, gas, or liquid propane). Electric forklifts are powered by batteries. If you handle food, you’ll likely need an electric forklift to adhere to emission requirements. However, many applications that once used IC forklifts are finding that electric conversion saves both time and money. An electric truck will be a more environmentally minded decision.
  • Usage
    How many hours per day and how many days per week will you use the forklift? Busy multi-shift operations should partner with one of our material handling experts to complete an analysis of their application to determine the best fuel and equipment solutions.

Thousands of Happy Customers

Buying a forklift is an important investment. We offer an impressive rental inventory & most machines can be leased to own so you can try before you buy! At All-lift our number one concern is that you get the most efficient & affordable equipment for your application. For 45 years, we have helped Ontario customers just like you. With multiple industry awards, thousands of happy customers, a huge inventory, and an industry-leading warranty- we can help you pick the perfect machine for your needs!

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