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  • 36-volt electrical system
  • AC-powered drive motor and hydraulic pump motor
  • Transistorized AC motor control
  • Motors and controller temperature protection
  • Multi-function LED display
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) with lift interrupt
  • Steer tire position indicator
  • Four hour meters
  • Speedometer
  • On-board diagnostics with built-in test equipment
  • Parking brake warning indicator
  • Small radius tiller steer control
  • On-demand electric power steering, with DC steer motor
  • 4-mode regenerative braking (plugging, footbrake, neutral brake, liftstop)
  • Auto-applied parking brake with anti-rollback
  • Multi-function control handle for fwd/rev travel control, horn, lift/lower, reach, tilt, and side shift*
  • Emergency power disconnect switch and auto power off
  • Infinitely variable lift/lower speed control
  • Operator presence system including mast-lockout
  • Side-stance operator compartment with low step height
  • Anti-fatigue cushioned back, arm rest, and knee padding
  • Adjustable height operator backrest padding
  • Angled floorboard
  • Integrated convenience tray
  • Plexiglass mastguard
  • Battery rollers and removable side gates
  • Triplex mast: 210” MFH / 95” OHL
  • 48” high load backrest
  • 33″ – 50″ I.D. base legs
  • 5″ x 4″ tandem load wheels
  • Anti-static ground strap
  • U.L. “E” rating

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