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  • 34 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

    Great for indoor small Industrial plants, this Walk Behind Sweeper will pick up anything that is in it's path and store it in an easy to empty hopper.

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  • TR Industrial Rider Floor Sweeper

    With built in side-brooms, this Ride-on unit is able to pick up dust and dirt from cracks normally unreachable.

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  • MiniMag Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

    Leave a streak of clean where ever you go! These MiniMag Floor Scrubbers mean business and love to get down and dirty with your floors.

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  • Magnum Floor Scrubber

    Clean and Polish your Concrete floors with one of our Magnum Floor Scrubbers. These machines use heavy down pressure and high RPM brushes to scrub your floors thoroughly.

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  • GTX Rider Scrubber

    GTX Rider Industrial Scrubbers are great at getting through average doorways into bathrooms or through school hallways unlike larger floor ride-on scrubbers.

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  • XR Rider Floor Scrubber

    The XR Floor Rider Scrubber is a great machine when it comes to large floor areas that need to be cleaned and with a 76" U-turn radius it still has the manuverability to get into and around tight congested floor space.

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  • GTX Rider Floor Scrubber-Sweeper

    These Scrubber-Sweepers are great at getting caked off dirt and dust off of your floors so you can see them just as they were when they were first laid down.

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  • XR Floor Scrubber-Sweeper

    The XR Cylindrical Scrub-Sweep system works as a pre-sweeper and stores all the debris from the floor into an easy to remove hopper, saving you lots of time on pre-sweeping the floor usually needed before you use a floor scrubber.

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  • Walk Behind MicroMag Floor Scrubber

    Clean off all that built up dirt and grim from your floor with the MicroMag Walk Behind Scrubber. Small, yet powerful.

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  • MiniMag Scrubber-Sweeper

    These small Scrubber-Sweeper Floor Machines are just what you need if you have a lot of debris that you need to pick up while deep scrubbing your floor.

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  • Magnum Floor Scrubber-Sweeper

    The Magnum Scrubber-Sweeper machine leaves a clean white streak in its path wherever it goes!

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